My name is Karl D. Asmussen, I am a Computer Science student at Copenhagen University, and this is my web-domain.

A picture of Karl

In my free time I investigate the nature of the universe, the foundations of mathematics, the human capacity for rational thought, and the technical definition of intelligence. In these pursuits I touch various topics of advanced mathematics — algebra, geometry, and category theory — and tackle the problems faced in modern computer science — how to write better, faster, more correct, and safer software.

Also, many people think I have a penchant for writing speculative fiction. I post these on Archive of Our Own, and if that is the sort of thing you'd like to read, you can find it here.

It is my dream one day to be an academic researcher of True Artificial Intelligence, and a proper polymath in addition.

My nom-de-guerre is ‘MagnetoHydroDynamics’ and I go by ‘MHD’ and ‘MHD-HBD’ or some permutation thereof in most places.